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Top 7 Most Common Boiler Problems and How to Fix them

March 2nd, 2021

A malfunctioned boiler can always cause chaos while you are using it. At that time, you can contact our professionals to solve the issues related to a boiler. Or to replace the parts of a boiler and repair the internal parts in a professional way, reach the expert plumbers in North London. Have a look at some common problems of a boiler. Our professionals have made a list of the problems and the way to fix them easily without any hazard.

1. Leakage in the Pipelines of a Boiler

Your boiler may leak water because of various issues in the internal parts of the pressure valve or pump seal. A good boiler engineer in North London detects the reason for the leakage in the boiler. If water leaks from the valve of the boiler, you can replace the pipeline. If it is majorly affected in an adverse way, you can contact a professional for an immediate solution.

2. Issue in the Pilot Light

For reigniting the light of a boiler, try to check the gas supply in the boiler. If the pilot light keeps going out, it might cause the deposit buildup of the thermocouple. For fixing the issues related to the pilot light, you can replace the pilot light of the boiler or you can contact a gas safe registered professional.

3. Frozen Condensate Pipelines

During the winter season due to the chilling cold you may have found freezing condensate pipelines that are situated outside. If you face such a problem, you may pour hot water or put warm clothes in the pipeline. With the help of the warmth, the ice may melt without any trouble.

If you want to solve the problem, you can contact an engineer who can do leak detection in North London to solve various types of problems related to condensate pipes.

4. Problems When Boiler does not Respond to the Thermostat

If you find a problem with the thermostat of your boiler, you may turn it on or off. If the problem is still not solved, you can prevent the problem related to the malfunctions in the thermostat. You can prevent the issue or malfunction in the thermostat with the help of the high position and correct settings.

Maintain the correct setting with the help of the leakage detection works. All the problems related to the thermostat can be fixed if you get the right help from a professional.

5. Banging, Whistling and Other Irritating or Unusual Boiler Noise

You may get various types of unwanted and unnecessary noises that are quite annoying. If you want to solve the issue related to the noise, you can contact a professional contractor who can solve the issues related to water pressure in North London.

There can be various types of irritating noises that you may find from the pipeline of the boiler. This type of problem can be easily solved with the help of an expert technician.

6. Low Pressure in Boiler While Heating

Sometimes the needle of the pressure gauge is below one. In that case, you might experience issues related to the malfunction of boiler pressure. Check the visible leakage of the pipelines and the malfunctioned radiators.

You can also use another solution such as bringing relief in the valve of the pressure. You should not forget to call the registered technician for further assistance.

7. Automatic Switch Off Boiler

The automatic switching off boiler is often found when the pressure of the pipeline does not work properly. The boiler engineer can solve this issue by using professional tips for repairing and replacing the pipelines.

Summing Up

The plumbers in North London can solve the aforesaid issues because they have expert knowledge in repairing and replacing the plumbing point and the pipelines. If you want to contact the technicians of Capital Trade Service, you can contact us at 0800 389 5794 to know more about us.